Frequently Asked Questions

This page will respond to your frequently asked questions (FAQS) and will be updated regularly. If this page doesn’t answer your question, please do send an enquiry through here and we will answer it as soon as possible


  • Will leaseholders be provided with a property on the new development?

    Resident Leaseholders (those currently living in the property they own on Dollis Valley), will be offered a property on the new development, leaseholders who do not live in their property on Dollis Valley will not be offered a new property.

  • When will leaseholders be required to move?

    The regeneration project is taking place on a phase by phase basis, therefore leaseholders will be contacted at different times depending on when their property is required and will be given plenty of time to consider their options and make decisions.

  • Can leaseholders sell their property early?

    No, it is not possible for the developers to undertake early purchases of leasehold properties as the business plan is unable to support this.

  • What options do leaseholders have when buying a new property?

    Resident leaseholders have three main options to choose from when buying a new property:

    1. Option 1: Straightforward Buyout- Leaseholders sell their home and either move away from the estate or buy a new sale home on the estate
    2. Option 2: Shared Equity- Leaseholders transfer the equity of their current home into a new home on the estate

      The only option available to non-resident leaseholders is Option 1
  • What size property will leaseholders be able to purchase?

    If leaseholders choose option 1, they can buy any size property they can afford either on the new scheme or away from Dollis Valley. If leaseholders choose option 2 the new home they buy must be the same size as their current property or smaller.

  • Who will carry out the valuations of leaseholders current properties?

    Property valuations will be carried out by a firm of chartered surveyors and confirmation of the valuation provided to the leaseholder. If the leaseholder does not agree with the valuation they may appoint their own valuer to undertake a valuation and seek to reach a settlement with Countryside’s valuer.

  • Will leaseholders receive help to move?

    Both resident and non-resident leaseholders will receive financial help to aid with the moving process. More detailed information for leaseholders can be found in the ‘Leaseholder Options’ document. If you require a copy of this document or have any further questions please use the contact details below.

    Tracy Nisbett
    Regeneration & Community Coordinator
    Direct: 0208 189 0965