Frequently Asked Questions

This page will respond to your frequently asked questions (FAQS) and will be updated regularly. If this page doesn’t answer your question, please do send an enquiry through here and we will answer it as soon as possible

Planning Application

  • Will I have an option as to how my new home is decorated?

    Yes, you will be provided with a number of choices as to how your property is decorated in order to give you the opportunity to personalise your new home.

  • What choices will I be given?

    You will be given a choice over the following things: 

    • Kitchen cupboards 
    • Kitchen worktops 
    • Kitchen flooring 
    • Bathroom tiles 
    • Bathroom flooring 
    • Carpet throughout property 
    • Paint throughout property
  • Will I be asked to choose from a range?

    Yes, you will be given a limited number of options for each item from which you will be required to choose, this ensures the process does not become too complicated.

  • Do my choices need to be the same throughout my property?

    Yes, choices that apply to the whole property (such as carpet and paint colour) will need to be the same throughout the whole property and cannot be different in each room.

  • Do I have to accept the decoration/white goods that are being provided?

    No, if you would rather bring your own white goods/carpets to your new home this is an option available to you, however, there may be restrictions in regards to this, for example, the type of flooring you wish to install.

  • When will I be able to make my choices?

    You will make your choices once you have been allocated a property, there will be an opportunity for you to look at the different options and make well informed decisions. This is likely to be approximately 12 months before you move into the property.

    If you have any further queries in regards to this FAQ or anything else in relation to the regeneration of Dollis Valley please use the contact details below:

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